Collection of My External Links from Throughout the Site
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- Shirt Blog!
- My Zazzle store for Four Fox Sake with a couple bad pun based shirts.
- My personal indie games, name based on a common mispronunciation of my last name: Otter Mat Games
- My wife, Laura Otermat, is an engineer and likes to write in her Blog
- Link to Pungeon on!
- The games from GXDev are on their page, including mine: Consensual Chaos.
- Link to Dark Scavenger on Steam
- Homepage for my indie game with Psydra: Dark Scavenger
- My LinkedIn Profile (link removed due to compromised account)
- Past Employer: Gazillion Entertainment (site inactive) (Sep 2016-Nov 2017)
- Past Employer: GSN Games (April 2012-February 2016)
- Past Employer: LOLapps (site inactive) (March 2011-March 2012)
- Past Employer: Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. (August 2008-December 2009)
- Past Employer: Archimage, Inc. (February 2006-July 2008)
- My Book: Heart on a Silver Platter: A Decade of Poetry and Song
- Video of Me Performing: YouTube, also imbedded on the Personal page.